Monday, October 31, 2005

Burn, babies, burn

So now it is time to burn these little guys and give them some detail. In the background you can see some of the reference photos I found on the internet. Someone had taken almost day-by-day photos of nestlings in a bird house. It was great to have actual photos for reference. Never use someone else's art work for reference. They may have it wrong.

These three guys are finished, but there is a problem. I'd planned for the third birdie to be sleeping in, so I kept his eyes and mouth shut. Unfortunately this made him look like a dead birdie- not good for the composition. So I ruthlessly carved him away and made his head into the shoulder of the other bird. It was a hard decision to make, but seemed necessary.
Now, I like it better.
You must keep flexible on a project like this and keep open to new ideas.

Here it is all ready for assembly. I've nuked some hay so it won't have any bugs in it. Their nest seem to be mostly composed of dried grasses.
The babies are on a stick, ready to be inserted into the hole in the post hole. They will be secured with epoxy and the nest built around them.
Mr Bluebird looks a little disconcerted by their presents, but he will get used to them after a while.
Oops- he needs to have something in his beak to feed the hungry mouths. Hmm- one green worm coming up.

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