Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm counting on you all

Site Meter
You will notice a new addition to this page- a site visit counter. This is a simple one that just counts hits- no other data on the viewers. I have been curious how many people are following my progress- and I don't get many comments- so this will be one way to find out. It will only measure this page, but I assume that anyone interested will want to view all the pages.

Now, onto new developments. the baby
birdies have been quite a challenge for
me. I have the book on carving
songbirds by Ernie Muhlmatt and he
carves lots of baby birds, but none of
them are set up in a hole like these are.
So I'm kinda playing it by ear. First I
rough carved them to shape using some
very aggressive, though small, tools.

Some progress has been made here in
refining the shape of the birdie beaks
and setting them apart from one another.
They look strange in the post hole right
now, but with some nesting material
added to the mix I think it will look
just great. These babies will have to
be finished just like the daddy bird,
but not in such great detail, so it
will not take so long. I am crowding
the time limit though, and I still
have to construct a nice base. I'm
planning to make it octagonal, but I
need to check my supplies to see what
beautiful wood I have in stock that
will complement the composition.

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