Saturday, November 05, 2005

It is all over but the shouting

Haven't posted for a while because I couldn't get here with Internet Explorer- although I had done so many times before. So I just switched to Firefox and I'm back in business.
No, I'm not fossing the bluebird's teeth- lol! Actually I'm hand drilling a tiny hole through the bird's beak. Through this hole I'll thread a fine brass wire and then attach the ends of the wire to the two ends of the worm I've carved and painted.
Talk about fussy work- try carving a worm 1" long and 1/8" in diameter, out of figured maple wood. Then I cut it in half, drilled a couple more holes with the #55 drill, painted it kind of a camouflage green/brown, and then attached it to the ends of the wire coming out of the beak. Looks good.

The babies are done now, with shiny, hungry mouths and eyes. The post has been antiqued with muted shades of violet and yellow. Since they are complementary colors they cancel each other out (in our eyes/brains) and the result is a gray looking old post. To keep the birdies in place inside I used two supporting rods attached to the birds and the inside of the post hole. One goes from the back of the birds to the back of the cavity, and the other goes from the bottom of the birds into the bottom of the hole. They are attached with epoxy now and should be quite secure.

Here is the top of the base. Notice how oiling brings out the depth in the wood. This is a very special piece of mesquite wood that a friend gave to me years ago. I wanted a refined look to the base to work as a contrast to the rough-looking post.
I won't be showing a photo of the completed project until Wednesday, the 9th, after I deliver it on the 8th. I figure the purchaser and the new owner ought to be the first to see it. I will post photos then, as well as their reaction to getting the piece. I'm sooooo excited! Hope they like it.

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Anonymous said...

Donna....It looks great! I'm so pleased you're using the mesquite! Can't wait to see the final photos. I've really enjoyed seeing the process.
Donna Mc