Tuesday, October 04, 2005

End of day #3

Spent most of the time yesterday in refining the shape to make it less blocky. Birds are streamlined. Then again, bluebirds are kinda rounded looking. While walking to the mailbox I observed 4 bluebirds on the telephone wire. They had very short tails. So I thought that maybe I should make mine even shorter. then I realized that these were probably adolescent birds and I'm carving a daddy bird. I think the tail is just about right, but there seems to be too much abdomen. It surely would have been easier if I'd just copied the bird in the book, but then it would not have been 'my' bird.
I also worked a lot on the wings. It is important to make the wings look like they are overlapping. It ain't easy. Musta worked 2 hours just on the wings today. Still a lot left to do. Notice the reference material photos behind the bird. Sure would help if I had a pet bluebird to look at- or a frozen specimen. You would not believe the road-kill stored in my freezer!

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